Monday, 4 June 2007

What is Happening to Our Seminaries and Theological Colleges? Part 6

Perhaps it is more than a concidence that both Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary and Wycliffe Hall, spanning both sides of the Atlantic, made headlines on the same day on May 16, 2007. Gordon Conwell announced the resignation of the President while Wycliffe Hall received bad press concening its Principal (see here, here, here, here, and here). Both news have something to do with the leader of the seminary/theological college.

Dr James Emery White was appointed to be the 4th President of Gordon Conwell on July 1, 2006, suceeding Dr Walter Kaiser. In less than a year, he resigned "due to family considerations which resulted in his unanticipated inability to relocate as planned from North Carolina to Massachusetts." The Board of Trustees of Gordon Conwell also announced a Presidential Search Committee to seek for a president. In the interim, Dr Haddon Robbinson is appointed as the interim President.

There is bo doubt that a Principal/President of a seminary carries heavy responsibility - not only in raising fund, casting the vision and direction of the seminary, but also influencing the ethos of the seminary.

At the same time, two other major seminaries in the US, Bethel and Trinity, also announced their search for new presidents. One bible school closer to home in Singapore is also looking for a new principal.

Let us be in prayers for these institutions in transition. Much divine wisdom and guidance is needed.

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