Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Latest book by John Paul Heil

I have just been alerted by SBL Publications regarding John Paul Heil's new book, Ephesians: Empowerment to Walk in Love for the Unity of All in Christ, Vol 13 in the Studies in Biblical Literature Series. The description of the book sounds very interesting:

"This book analyzes Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians and demonstrates that the Letter’s implied audience heard its individual units as a rich and complex pattern of chiastic structures. It shows that, not only is the entire Letter arranged in fifteen units that function as a comprehensive chiastic structure, but that each of these fifteen units in turn exhibits its own chiastic structure. By attending carefully to the structure and rhetoric of Ephesians, this work demonstrates how the implied audience is persuaded and empowered by the progression of the Letter to “walk in love” and so contribute to the cosmic unity of all things in Christ."

Priced at US$39.95 for a paperback, this book seems a bit on the high side for a "poor" seminary lecturer (after the conversion to Ringgit Malaysia... :-) ) Looks like I have to request the library to acquire a copy. Can't wait to get hold of this book and interact with it.

John Paul Heil is Professor of New Testament at Catholic University of America. His books include The Meal Scenes in Luke-Acts: An Audience-Oriented Approach and The Rhetorical Role of Scripture in 1 Corinthians (Society of Biblical Literature); The Gospel of Mark as Model for Action: A Reader-Response Commentary (Paulist); and The Death and Resurrection of Jesus: A Narrative-Critical Reading of Matthew 26–28 (Fortress).

Happy reading...

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