Monday, 20 August 2007

Metrosexual is Out...Here Comes Retrosexual!

In one of my earlier posts, I mentioned that I used the word "metrosexual" to explain one of the fallacies of doing word study on compound words. I also highlighted that the students in the Exegetical Methods class were not aware of the meaning of "metrosexual" and that I gave a rather "cheeky" definition, much to the "horror" of my students.

Since then, I think I may have to add another word to my word study vocabulary to balance things a little bit. The latest Newsweek issue reports that the good-old rugged manly looks is making a comeback with more men seeking surgical solutions to create more hairy chests and breads, squarer chins, and more angular jaw lines. So say goodbye to "metrosexual" and hello again to "retrosexual"! So looks like I have to add another "sexual" word to my list.

One of our students, Gerrad, is quick to pick up this issue. I think he is right to say that some of those in my Exegetical Methods class who are "troubled" with the rise of metrosexuality (or my definition of metrosexual) can now breathe with relief and need not be too concerned about "men who are in touch with his feminine side," and about what's the latest in the men's cosmetic section in the stores!

Gerrad, wish you were in my class!


servant of JC said...

Ha ha.. Tahan for awhile, the semester is half way through. The persecution will end soon he he...

ionStorm said...

mmm...beginning to sound like a nice word to play with. how about sans-sexual? :P

Kar Yong said...



Kar Yong said...

servant of jc,

:-) Lord, deliver me from....!!