Saturday, 11 August 2007

New Perspective on Paul

Beginning students on Pauline studies often find it difficult to grasp the understanding of the New Perspective on Paul. The proliferation of the literature on this subject is wide and diverse, and can easily confuse any beginners taking the first few initial steps trying to navigate through the dense forest of Pauline studies.

Simon Gathecole has recently written a very helpful article, What did Paul Really Mean, in the August 2007 issue of Christianity Today on the New Perspective on Paul in a non technical language. It is easy to read and gives a concise introduction and summary of the subject matter without the usual clutter of references found in academic writing.

While I may not fully agree with the analysis and the summary of Gathercole, this article is a good start for beginning students and also a timely refresher for mature students of Paul.

Read the complete article here. Check out also the links to other helpful resources on the New Perspective on Paul at the end of this article. Not to be missed is also the link to Further Reading on the New Perspective. This reading list provides the "basic" reading required for anyone interested in the subject matter.

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The Hedonese said...

Saw Gathercole's book on boasting is available in SUFES some time back, I got it but nvr seriously read it yet hehe...