Monday, 27 August 2007

Psalm 23 - A Lecturer's Version

One of our students in the seminary posted a student's version of Psalm 23. I think it would be appropriate to respond with a lecturer's version too, so I come out with one:

Psalm 23: A Seminary Lecturer's Version

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be angry,
He keeps me from lying down when I should be marking the exams and papers that do not make sense,
He leads me besides my colleagues and we all shake our heads about the exams and papers,
He restores my faith in the students.
He guides me in using my red pen in correcting all the mistakes made by the students in the exams and papers.

Even though I walk through the valley of receiving bad evaluation from the students,
I will not have a nervous breakdown,
For you are with me.
My fellow colleagues and predecessors,
They comfort me for they too receive bad evaluation from the students.

You prepare me with a heart of humility to teach and learn from the students,
You anoint my head with wisdom to instruct the seminarians,
And my lectures won't runneth over time.

Surely patience and generosity shall follow me all the days of my life as a lecturer in marking the students' exams and papers,
And I shall dwell in STM until the days of my retirement (or, suggested by Dave and Blogpastor in the comments!)


ionStorm said...

"And I shall dwell in STM until the days of my retirement."


Btw...only you can come up with something like that in such a short

blogpastor said...

LOL. haha. Enjoyed this. TTC needs a lecturer like you. How about changing the last sentence to...

"And I shall dwell in STM until TTC begs me to go over"

pearlie said...

A good one!

Dave said...

Excellent! Or until Gordon Cornwell beckons...?