Saturday, 18 August 2007

The Old and New Colloquium

After a few months of squabbling, calling each other "names" (such as "preface"; "after-thought"; "appendix") and getting a bit "physical," both the Rabbi and the budding NT scholar finally decided to patch up. After all, we both "complete" the Bible in the seminary, so it's best that we "work" together!

So the Rabbi has taken the initiative to come out with the suggestion of an occasional joint colloquium on issues related to the disciplines of biblical studies.

Read the rest of the Rabbi's proposal here.

So, do watch this space as we jointly discuss issues related to biblical studies (read Old and/or New Testament) in our respective blogs. Don't forget to check out the Rabbi's blog too.


ionStorm said...

that looks like a chart i would draw...hehe!

Lee Chee Keat said...

looking forward....!!!

blogpastor said...

That's Old Testament lecturer who blogs. Must check him out.