Sunday, 4 November 2007

BibleWorks Classroom Tip #8

The folks at Bibleworks have been working very hard to ensure users of BibleWorks maximise their investment in the software. The latest Classroom Tip #8 on Creating User Notes for Classroom Teaching has just been released a couple of days ago.

According to BibleWorks, "The BibleWorks User Notes, Editor, and Report Generator tools are great ways to create teaching notes and class handouts rapidly. Unique linking features in the BibleWorks Editor enable you to open quickly BibleWorks lexicons and grammars to the precise section you want to show to your students."

This Classroom tip teaches one to do the following to enhance classroom learning experience:
  • User Notes Note-Taking Strategies

  • Using the User Notes in the Classroom

  • Creating Student Handouts.

To find out how to do the above, click here. Enjoy BibleWorks. You will not regret your investment in this powerful software for doing biblical exegesis and research.

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