Saturday, 10 November 2007

Review of Biblical Literature Nov 7, 2007

The following new reviews have been added to the Review of Biblical Literature.

David E. Aune
Apocalypticism, Prophecy and Magic in Early Christianity: Collected Essays
Reviewed by Lorenzo DiTommaso

Samuel E. Balentine
Reviewed by Willem A. M. Beuken

M. Daniel Carroll R. and Jacqueline E. Lapsley, eds.
Character Ethics and the Old Testament: Moral Dimensions of Scripture
Reviewed by Eckart Otto

Byron G. Curtis
Up the Steep and Stony Road: The Book of Zechariah in Social Location Trajectory Analysis
Reviewed by Ehud Ben Zvi

James D. G. Dunn
The Partings of the Ways: Between Christianity and Judaism and Their Significance for the Character of Christianity
Reviewed by Peter Carrell

Rolf Furuli
A New Understanding of the Verbal System of Classical Hebrew: An Attempt to Distinguish Between Semantic and Pragmatic Factors
Reviewed by John Kaltner

Hans-Josef Klauck
Ancient Letters and the New Testament: A Guide to Context and Exegesis
Reviewed by Pieter J. J. Botha

Derek Krueger, ed.
Byzantine Christianity
Reviewed by Peter-Ben Smit

Mareike Rake
"Juda wird aufsteigen!": Untersuchungen zum ersten Kapitel des Richterbuches
Reviewed by Christoph Levin

Hershel Shanks, ed.
Where Christianity Was Born: A Collection from the Biblical Archaeology Society
Reviewed by Jonathan Reed

Cynthia Long Westfall
A Discourse Analysis of the Letter to the Hebrews: The Relationship between Form and Meaning
Reviewed by Gabriella Gelardini

Alexa F. Wilke
Kronerben der Weisheit: Gott, König und Frommer in der didaktischen Literatur Ägyptens und Israels
Reviewed by Stefan Fischer

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