Friday, 30 November 2007

Financial Transparency

Transparency. Good governance. Integrity. These are buzz words not only in the Malaysian politics but also in churches today.

In the Malaysian scene, I have yet to see churches publicly display their financial statements (for obvious reasons - and I could be wrong here) although these are often made known to the church members/congregation during their annual general meetings.

But there is one mega church in the neighbouring country that has precisely done that - publicise the financial statements online for all to scrutinise. Many thanks to Blogpastor who highlighted this.

City Harvest Church makes it known publicly her detailed financial statements from 2003-2007. Even the church building construction cost is made known. Very impressive indeed. One may criticise or disagree with City Harvest Church for many things the church does, but certainly, the impressive transparency with finances and attendance details is one area that many churches need to emulate.

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