Monday, 5 November 2007

JSNT Vol 30 No 2 (December 2007)

The latested issue of the Journal for the Study of New Testament, Volume 30 No 2, December 2007, has just been released.

The articles found in this issue include the following:

David J. Neville
Toward a Teleology of Peace: Contesting Matthew's Violent Eschatology

Rick Strelan
A Note on asphalelia (Luke 1.4)

R. Barry Matlock
The Rhetoric of pistis in Paul: Galatians 2.16, 3.22, Romans 3.22, and Philippians 3.9

George H. van Kooten
The Year of the Four Emperors and the Revelation of John: The `pro-Neronian' Emperors Otho and Vitellius, and the Images and Colossus of Nero in Rome

Jesse Rainbow
Male pastoi in Revelation 1.13

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