Monday, 28 April 2008

Back from Banting: Part 2

As mentioned in my earlier post, I was in Banting last weekend, teaching in the Banting Chinese Methodist Church. I thought that it would also be good for me to test out my new mobile phone by taking some shots (I lost my mobile phone last year while preaching in a church - I left my phone on the pew while I was preaching, and it was gone after the sermon! And it took me more than 6 months to get my new phone.)

I was very encouraged by the ministry of Banting Chinese Methodist Church. It has a very strong children ministry, with an average attendance of more than 200 children every week. Considering that the church has an average adult congregation of 130, the strength of the children ministry is very impressive indeed. The church reaches out to the neighbourhood by carrying out Sunday schools in 3 different locations in the neighbouring villages. This has become an important outreach where a large number of the children come from families who are not believers.

One of the classes from the Sunday School having a good time

Another area that strikes me is the balanced number of different age groups in the congregation. This church has a fairly good number of youths and young adults in addition to those in the 30s, 40s, and 50s and above. In Malaysia, as a result of the large migration to large urban centres, it is difficult to see vibrant youth and young adult ministries in some of the secondary towns in the various states in Malaysia. But not in Banting. With a strong children ministry, and the balanced number of different age groups in the congregation, I am very confident of the tremendous potential of the church, and I pray for the continuous growth and ministry of this church in the locality. May you be a shining beacon for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

After from church ministry, the Pastor-in-charge took me around Banting. It was a great afternoon to go away and to visit some of the highlights of Banting. I took some shots of the newly opened Impiana Resort at Morib Beach. I think I am very impressed with both the resort and my new mobile camera....

A very tiring, but fulfilling weekend indeed.

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