Saturday, 26 April 2008

Still No Sermon....

It's Friday midnight, and I am still struggling with my sermon for this Sunday. Somehow, I just don't seem to be able to pull the sermon together.

I am feeling a bit desperate now. As I will be preaching in a bilingual service, I will need to forward my sermon script to the church before daybreak so that the person who will be interpreting for me would have sufficient time to prepare himself.

In times like this, I feel like doing what the following cartoon depicts....


Perng Shyang said...

Someone said preaching is easy, just a combination of verses, stories, jokes...
But I always suffer in preparing sermon. Today, I found someone is facing the same problem!
Pray for you, wish the product of this struggling will be a benifit to the people of God.

chongweyshyang said...

Not a bad idea also.

Sze Zeng said...

hahahaha... like that also can ar? But yes, i think you can read out something you posted on your blog.

Jack Said said...

Hope this helps:


The rites for Speakers without a sermon

1. Host announce speaker;
2. Speaker jumps up enthusiastically to the pulpit and before straightening yourself, shout to the congregation: All the time? (Speaker puts right hand behind right ears)
3. Congregation replies, God is good
4. Speaker, ask again, louder and firmer, God is good (right hand behind right ear)?
5. Congregation: All the time.
6. Speaker, right hand down, palm at waist level, keep waiving upwards, shouts to the Congregation: Can I hear an Amen!?
7. Same action of the right waiving hands, Speaker shouts to the congregation (now speaker must be a bit jumpy), Can I hear a Alleluia!?
8. Speaker, calms down a bit and straightened himself, says: Its great to be in God's House! When Jesus was small, where did Joseph and Mary found him? He was in God's House! That's right Church, turn to your neighbours and go you tell him: You are at the right place Buddy.
9. Speaker raise his right hand lower his head, stressed his eyebrows and begin to mumble a few inteligible words and then burst out in prayers of thanksgiving for everything.
10. Speaker look back at the congregation and says, Church, it's always good to come to church to hear SERMONS, but today, we don't want any of those, WE WANT GOD'S WORDS. Now say to your neighbours, WE WANT GOD'S WORDS!
11. Speaker: The Spirit told me this morning, "THOU SHALT NOT PREACH LIKE THE OTHER LEADERS FOR I HAVE PREPARED THOU TO SPEAK MY WORDS, NOT THE WORDS OF COMMENTARIES, NOT THE WORDS OF THEOLOGIANS". Yes, we are gonna hear god's word today Church. Can I hear a Alleluia?! (right hand behind ears)
12. What's god's word!? God says he wanna heal you! God knows you are in trouble. SERMONS TEACH YOU TO DO THIS AND THAT, BUT GOD'S WORDS TEACH YOU WHAT GOD IS DOING! Amen!?
13. I sense a need, yes, there is a need, a pain - this sister is right here among us and god is speaking to you about ur pain in the family. You are burdened with this unhappiness. God wants to heal YOU! Come sister, open yourself to god (Speaker wait for ppl to come in front. And repeat the above, substituting "pain" with "disease" or "financial difficulties" until the front of the church is filled with ppl.
14. Finally, Speaker make a general call. COME CHURCH, the rest of you, come because I AM NOT GONNA SPEAK. GOD WILL BE SPEAKING TO YOU DIRECTLY. ALLLELUIA, everyone come and raise ur hands, talk to god, shout to him, cry out to him! PRAISE GOD, ALLELUIA!
15. speaker jumps down and invite church leaders to come in front and pray for each of the persons.

16. Speaker said a concluding prayer after slaining about 10 folks. And go home quickly, get books out and start REALLY prepare for next speaking engagement.

Steven Sim

Sze Zeng said...

HAHAHAHAHA!! are u doing that in ur church every sunday, Steven?

pearlie said...

Nah, just can't see Kar Yong doing that - but if you Chinese-fied or Malaysianise the phrases, maybe possible ... LOL

Hope you have something by now, KY.

blogpastor said...

The cartoon may be an accurate prediction of what pastors may say in 5 to 10 years time, even though they have a well prepared sermon.

I like the humorous twist though.

Kar Yong said...

Hi Perng Shyang,

Thanks for your support. Yes - we all struggle in our sermon preparation. I would always have sleepless Saturday nights, even until today, if I have to preach on Sundays.

Kar Yong said...

Wey Shyang,
I hope one day we could just flash out what we blog on the projector, and tell the congregation to just read it....haha

Kar Yong said...

Sze Zeng,

Hahaha...if we can have youtube as substitute for sermon illustration...why not use blog when we have sermon-block...

Kar Yong said...


Aiyah...your comment came a bit late lah - I had aready left for Banting. I might just do what you suggested if it came earlier on Saturday morning.

Kar Yong said...


Why not? You think I cannot jump...jump...jump ah...wave hands...shout alleluia...??


Kar Yong said...

Hi Blogpastor,

I think you are right! I sometimes wonder where technology may take us one day, and how this may affect the way we preach and teach God's Word...