Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Nationhood: A Kairos Publication

The latest issue of Kairos Publication, Understanding the Modern World Through the Christian Eyes, is now available. The focus of this issue is on "Nationhood" in conjunction with the recent celebration of Malaysia's 50th year of independence from the British rule.

Interesting articles that make this issue a worthwhile collection include:
  • Redefining Success for the Nation by Steve Wong
  • Building National Unity in Poor Urban Communities by Kon Onn Sein
  • Historical Insights into the Problem of Race Relations in Malaysia by Tan Kang San
  • Life in the Service by Wong Ming Yook
  • Religious Freedom after 50 Years of Independence by Lim Heng Seng
  • Working Together for the Common Good by Wong Kim Kong
  • Negaraku: My Country, My King, My God by Bob Teoh
  • Redefining Patriotism: Why I Don’t Feel Like Celebrating by Wong Siew Li
  • A Christian Social Vision for Nation Building by Ng Kam Weng
  • Commentary: Tanah Air Ku! by Low Chai Hok
  • Stories from Borneo: Building Bridges: Empty Tins, Woks & Firewood by Sylvia Webb

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