Friday, 7 September 2007

Which Year Are You?

I have not been feeling too well for the past couple of days. So I decided to pay the doctor a visit. I went to one of the STM panel doctors.

When the doctor saw me, he asked, "Which year are you in STM?"

"First year," I replied

"Oh, first year. That's good."

"First year as a lecturer, not a student."

The doctor was taken aback for a while....


Alex Tang said...

no gray hair, that's why. Here you can borrow my white marker pen...

pearlie said...

hahaha ... so funny!

Paul said...

So you are trying to hint that you still look young? :-)
I had an interesting experience related to yours ...

Had to take over leadership of a local school leavers mission trip (Residential Bible School / RBS) mid way as the male adult in charge had a family emergency.

I rushed over to Penang and reached late and was really tired. The next morning (sunday) I was so frazzled that when I went to the pulpit to preach had to preach I forgot to properly introduce myself (neither was I properly introduced). I started by apologising for the absence of the original speaker and explained that I was the last minute replacement and that since I had no time to prepare specifically for the Sunday message, I would like to share something "we learnt together at RBS" (It was a passage I used for the inductive Bible study course I was teaching)

It was a good message (God was gracious) and many were moved (wish it would happen more often ...) Anyway, this meant that many came up to speak to me after the message and commented that RBS must be a wonderful programme etc because in just 3 weeks, a young man like me could learn to preach with such insight! lol

I don't know who was more embarrased when a church leader had to explain that I was not one of the students but one of the teachers.

It is so sad that I can't pass for a teenager anymore!

Kar Yong said...

Paul, all depends on which persepctive you are coming from....I am still the youngest lecturer in STM!

Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience.