Saturday, 8 September 2007


Giving lecturers nicknames is one of the favourite pastimes and perhaps one of the most creative activities of the students in STM. I must confess I am not innocent of this, as I did give some of my professors some very creative and unique nicknames as well. If you are curious enough in wanting to know what nicknames I give to William Mounce, Moises Silva, Gregory Beale, Peter Kuzmic, and Haddon Robbinson, you have to ask me privately!!

Now that I am on the receiving end, I often wonder what nicknames students in the seminary give me. Some of the students are a bit discreet - the nicknames they give are always "quietly" uttered behind my back - and they are all convinced that I do not know some of these. But some of the students are bold enough to publicise them in the blogsphere and elsewhere.

This is just a sample of the list of names/descriptions/adjectives/titles I "earned" in the past few months since I begin teaching at STM:
  • slave driver - this title is deliberately mentioned in a blog with the hope that I will read it! And I have the proof for this!
  • paper doll - you got to know the context out of which this name is given.
  • cute - I won't tell you where I find this. However, no extra credit for the person who gives me this name! You got to try harder (hint hint...I like chocolate).
  • teruk - one of the most common descriptions given to me.
  • teruk-ly funny - huh? what is this??
  • genius - how nice! But this does not earn whoever that gives me this title any extra credit in the the exams or papers.
  • incorrigible - well, you can find this expression everywhere in the comments.
  • Apostle Lim - I am not going to tell you where I find this!
  • weird sense of imagination and humor - huh?
  • blooming NT scholar - well, technically not given by a student but a friend.
  • Batman in Infinite Crisis - not really a nickname, but it's a title that I am honoured to be tagged by a friend.
I think we better stop somewhere, else something like what is happening below might come true for me!!

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Paul said...
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Paul said...

oops ... reposting ...

So nice to know that your STM students blog.
I won't tell you the nickname I had for you ... actually, I did not have one BUT I used to do imitations of some of the lecturers!
My Rev. Loh Soon Choy and Phllips Koh were very well recived (at least by my fellow students) and recognized! lol

pearlie said...

slave driver
That is NOT a nickname. That is a description ... so there! ;)

Kar Yong said...

Come on Paul,

Leak it out!!

Kar Yong said...

I shall not argue with you....else I dont know what other titles/descriptions you will give me.... :-)

rccnlj said...

You forgot your latest one 'sir'... *cheeky grin*

The Hedonese said...

Hmmm... i saw an imitation of you last last Sunday, then i thot for a while and say, "Ya hor... quite alike" :D

Kar Yong said...


Which imitation? Who? Who???