Thursday, 6 September 2007

Pete Williams Succeeds Bruce Winter as Warden of Tyndale House

As a alumnus of Tyndale House, Cambridge (I spent several months in Tyndale's excellent library while working on my Ph.D. in the UK), I am so glad that Pete William is now succeeding Bruce Winter as the Warden of Tyndale House.

Justin Taylor recently interviewed Pete on his new role as Warden. Read the interview and be encouraged by Pete's vision for Tyndale which is reproduced below:

"I believe that Tyndale House exists to develop evangelical biblical scholars and evangelical biblical scholarship. I would like, quite simply, for Tyndale to play its part in increasing the number of bright, humble, sane, passionate, evangelical scholars who are deeply learned and contribute to the church and to the articulation of the faith in a wider culture.

"More specifically, I’d like to see confessional scholarship clearly outstripping non-confessional scholarship in its quality and rigor. We should want evangelical scholars to be trained to a higher standard than other scholars. If others decide that one Masters degree is enough before the PhD, maybe we should require two (for instance, one in each Testament). It would be great to have the resources to be able to fund young scholars to study to a higher standard. I would also love to be in a position for us to have more post-doctoral research fellows (we currently have three) and to take on major publication projects such as a large-scale treatment of the NT canon, which is proving such fertile ground for contemporary myth-makers. Perhaps we could be involved in setting up more University appointments, not just in Cambridge, but also in other Universities in the UK."

I share Tony's wish to see biblical scholars of high calibre and a resource centre similar to Tyndale House in South-East Asia. Will this happen? If so, when?


Alex Tang said...

Bruce Winter will be delivering The Chen Su Lan Lecture Series 2007 in Trinity Theological College, Singapore on 19 & 20 September 2007

Wed 19 Sept: Christians cashing in on Contemporary Culture

Thurs 20 Sept: Christians clashing with Contemporary Culture

More info
Contact Angie 02 6337 3222 ext 27

Tony Siew said...

Kar Yong, I hope the Lord one day will open the way for us to sit down and have a chat about this. I don't think I have met you in person and I look forward to it in the near future.

Kar Yong said...

Hi Tony,

We did meet actually some years ago in KK, if I remember correctly. I think at that time, you had just returned from NZ.

Yes, hope we could meet up again - and please do get in touch if you are in KL/PJ.