Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Christian Origins and NT Background Project by St John's

Sze Zeng highlights the ambitious interactive multimedia resource resource project on Christian theology presently carried out by St. John's College at Nottingham University. Some of these are written for St John's extension studies.

Of particular interest for me is the Christian Origins and New Testament Background project, which is described as exploring "the origins of Christianity within its cultural, intellectual and historical context starting with questions of New Testament background." Some of the video commentary include:

  • Tom Wright on The Gospel and Empire, Gnosticism and the Resurrection
  • Anthony Thiselton on 1 Corinthians
  • Richard Bauckham on Eye witness testimony and the Gospels
  • Larry Hurtado on Jesus -Devotion in Earliest Christianity
  • Prof Loren Stuckenbruck on the Qunrum community and Dead Sea scrolls
  • Stephen Travis talking about New Testament background and context on location
  • Richard Burridge on the four Gospels
  • James Dunn and Graham Stanton on the kingdom of God, Parables and miracles and Christology.
Some of these videos are now available. Like Sze Zeng, I am impressed with them. Check them out and you will not be disappointed:

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