Wednesday, 5 August 2009

SBL International Meeting in Rome: A Great Reunion

I did not blog much about my experience in presenting my paper at SBL International Meeting, hosted by the Pontifical Biblical Institute and held at the Pontificia Universitas Gregoriana, Rome. This is partly due to the fact that from the very moment I touched down at KL, I was literally swamped with work, having to work through all the 5 theses submitted by my students.

From Left: myself, William Campbell, Kathy Ehrensperger,
Anthony Cogliolo and Edward Pillar

One the moments that I treasured in Rome is the opportunity to meet up with friends from my alma mater, in particular my doctoral supervisor Dr William Campbell and his lovely wife, Dr Kathy Ehrensperger. University of Wales Lampeter had a very significant presence at SBL International Meeting this year, with a total of 8 papers being presented. It was great catching up with these wonderful people who are so supportive of my research work. Bill and Kathy have always gone the extra mile in providing all the necessary assistance that I need in my professional development.