Friday, 2 May 2008

Bibleworks Classroom Tip #16

The folks at Bibleworks has just released another Classroom Tip:

Tip 1.16 Using the Graphical Search Engine: Part 2

The Graphical Search Engine is a powerful, though sometimes overlooked, search tool. This Classroom Tip builds upon Tip 1.12 and explores more of the useful search features you can use to enhance your classroom teaching and preparation. In this Classroom Tip we will use the Graphical Search Engine to find different ways that an adjective can relate to a noun when an article is present in the relationship.

The following searches only find the most common classroom definitions of the adjective positions based upon word order. Because there are exceptions to the constructions, not every hit is valid, and not every valid hit will be found by these searches. But these search hits will be a good start for showing samples to your students, and these searches will show some of the searches possible using the Graphical Search Engine (GSE). Included under each search is a link to a GSE search query file that you can use in the GSE for your own searches....

Click here to read the entire tip.

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