Saturday, 17 May 2008

East Coast Trip: Food...Food...Food

One of the highlights of our East Coast Trip is the opportunity to taste different varieties of delicious food found exclusively in Kelantan. It's no wonder all of us felt slightly heavier upon returning home.

Enjoying coconut water and boiled sweet corn by the beach (The beach was known as Beach of Passionate Love (Pantai Cinta Berahi) when I was growing up in this town - this is a bit too "passionate" and "lustful" for the state government - so it is now renamed and called Beach of Moonlight (Pantai Cahaya Bulan)

Ohh....Look at how my colleagues feast! Ayam percik, akok, sri kaya, and other kuih muih.

The making of ayam percik

Coming up next: My final reflections on our East Coast Trip.


sp lim said...

My mouth is watering already. The best ayam percik in my opinion is from KB. Must find some excuses for my Company to send me to KB again

Kar Yong said...

Hi SP,
Oh yes - food is simply heaven in KB. I did not take a photo of us having nasi dagang for breakfast and an authentic Thai dinner in Wakaf Bharu!!

rccnlj said...

aiyoh... I thought you were going to count calories.. *cucuk

Kar Yong said...


Yes, counting calories I must....all the more after I injured my ankle in Greece...