Monday, 19 May 2008

East Coast Trip: Final Reflections

The recently concluded East Coast Roadshow gave us an opportunity not only to catch up with our alumni for mutual encouragement, it also provided us an excellent insight into the ministry of the church particularly in the state of Kelantan. For my earlier posts on our East Coast Trip, please click here.

As Kelantan is my home state, I have always had a soft spot for this region. Not only is the state one of the poorest in Malaysia, it is also a state which has the least Christian presence.

As such, we recognise that Kelantan is not the most comfortable place to be in the service for the Lord. Most congregations are small, and some have been around for decades, but growth is barely minimum. Many of the young adults move to bigger cities in the West Coast seeking better career opportunities. In addition, because of the vastness of the geographical area, many congregations are scattered throughout the state. Couple with the lack of express highways linking various cities, towns and rural areas, it makes pastoral care a very demanding and difficult task to be carried out. As such, most ministers would have to spend a large number of hours travelling from one place to another.

As such, I would like to pay my tribute to all the faithful servants of the Lord serving in various churches in Kelantan:

I salute you as the unsung heroes, faithfully ploughing the ground to prepare for the seed of the gospel to be planted.

I salute you because the ground of the field you toil is hard, and this is a laborious task that not many are able to endure.

I salute you because you labour continuously and work strenuously, not knowing whether you would be able to taste the fruit of your labour.

I salute you because you choose to remain faithful in your labour even though you are constantly confronted with discouragement, frustration and loneliness as you work in the field for your Master.

Together with you, we as your partners in ministry, join you in hoping and praying for an abundant harvest for your ministry in the state of Kelantan.

If you are able, would you spend a moment to remember the Church in Kelantan in prayer?

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