Friday, 16 May 2008

East Coast Trip: Churches in Kelantan - 3

After Kuala Krai, we drove to Wakaf Bharu for a short visit to the Wakaf Bharu Presbyterian Church, before proceeding to Kota Bharu for our 2-night stay in the state capital. Rev Teo, who has been the minister of the church for more than 25 years, is a faithful minister. She started her ministry here after her theological studies at Trinity Theological College, Singapore.

From right: Dr Tan, Dr Kok, Rev Teo and Rev Tee.

We preached in the Kota Bharu Chinese Methodist Church, Kelantan Chinese Presbyterian Church and St Martin's Anglican church.

Kota Bharu Chinese Methodist Church

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Blogpastor said...

I agree with you. Rev Teo must be saluted for her faithfulness. These small church pastors in small and mid-sized towns need to be lauded more than the pastors of megachurches in big cities. I visited her about a decade ago in Kota Bahru as we were in the same year of studies at Trinity, though she in the Chinese dept.Glad to know she's still thriving.

Kar Yong said...

Dear Blogpastor,
Thanks for your affirmation - yes, wholeheartedly agree with you that these small church pastors are to be saluted. They labour without any limelight, and at times, completely forgotten by the rest of the megachurches.