Thursday, 15 May 2008

East Coast Trip: Back to My Alma Mater

During our recent East Coast Trip, I decided to pay a visit to my alma mater - Chung Hwa Secondary School. This is one of the biggest secondary schools in Kelantan.

This visit brought back many happy memories. It also brought to light some of my not-so-glamorous past to my colleagues.

I had never been a good student when it comes to languages. Learning Chinese was extremely difficult for me. On hindsight, I empathised with the teacher who taught me Chinese in school. He was so frustrated with me for not being able to grasp and follow his classes. As such, for many occasions, I was on the receiving end of his wrath. In one particular instance, he decided to punish me by sending me out of the classroom and forcing me to stand in the dustbin for not being able to answer his questions correctly.

I reenacted the scene for my colleagues in the following photo, standing next to a bin outside the location of the former classroom which had since been demolished and is now a school canteen.

To all our students who are now struggling with Greek in seminary, aren't you glad that none of you are made to do what I had gone through? There is still hope!!


Desmond said...

hello, Sir...that was past, okay...hahaha...

Kar Yong said...

Well, Desmond, that may be past - but that does not mean we have nothing to learn from it!

Perng Shyang said...

Thanks God that our lecturers never to this to students, if not most will drop the subject!

Alex Tang said...

Ah, Kar Yong, what are you doing taking photo with a trash bin. Taking out the trash as usual? :)

Kar Yong said...

Perng Shyang,

Hmm...maybe good idea also to do that!

Now you know why I "drop" chinese almost immediately after this incident... :-)

Kar Yong said...

Hi Alex,
You should be in the airport now catching the flight to KL and Greece...what you doing?

Well...looking for some treasures in the bin...hopefully can sell some of them and make some handsome pay for my expenses in Greece... :-)